Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Quadruple (Part 1)

For this group of illustrations I wanted to have foldout pages in the book and lay the images out like the illustrations in 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' long and thin across four pages. In the four illustrations I wanted to show some of the explorations the ghost explorer that would also tie him in with other 'tails' I had written.
Like him visiting Cancinos in the centre of the earth.
And seeing The Chimera from the Tail of the Edward Magpie and his crew of Thee Stultifera Navis from my second year contextual module.   

But I also wanted to show him in places that I want to write about in the future, like him exploring the great under water mountain range. Also, like all my work I wanted to have a bit of parody in there as well so I illustrated him walking on water like in the iconic image of Jesus. 
Once I made the image I realised I could make them like a wall of achievements of the ghost explorer so I designed frames for each image. 
Then I laid them out on an A2 sheet ready to be printed. 

Though once I took them down to the printers they informed me that they couldn't print A2 double sided which I needed because I needed other pages from the book printed on the back, so I changed the layout of the sheets so that they could be printed on A3 which could be printed double sided. 

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