Sunday, 27 May 2012


I was a bit worried about printing the pages because the front cover was exactly A4 but then I realised that when you print there is a good enough boarder around the page so that it would work. Firstly, I did a test print on the black and white printer on normal paper and it came out looking good so I decided to put in the hand made paper I'd acquired in Totnes.

Unfortunately, because of the texture of the paper some of the images came out unclear and even more the ink didn't stay on the paper and smudged therefore I was unable to continue using it. So I decided to just continue using normal printer paper but this made the page look cheaply printed which I didn't want so I then bought some nicer thicker paper.

Though still in black and white the image looked quite cheaply produced and another thing was that because I was flipping the paper over in the printers the two middle lines on each side of the page didn't line up. So I went down to Bretonside printers to get it printed on the same paper but in colour so that they could line up the pages better and also I was going down there to print out the A3 quadruples anyway. They came out really nice and I was really pleased with the end result.

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