Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Drawing Process

The first thing I did was story board what I wanted the image to look like.
Then I had someone photograph me in the position of the image.
Then I printed out the photo and light boxed around the outline on my shape.
This was then scanned and taken into photoshop and filled with black. 
I then using the outline as a guide, on the light box, I hatched around the line to make the aura.
 This was then again scanned and taken into Photoshop and put around the silhouette then coloured an off white to make it look like light. I then put the colour underneath to make it stand out more and obviously to illustrate that he's in the sea.

I then turned down the opacity of the silhouette to make him look more ghostly and put the lines in the background to show he's in the depths of the sea. I like that you can see the lines through the silhouette. 


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