Monday, 28 May 2012


I made in the second year and therefore the whole thing seemed a bit dated with my old business card image as the banner and the colour scheme was black and white to tie in with the flash catalyst website I made in second year too. Firstly I changed the colour scheme to a nautical blue so that it worked with the work I was putting on the blog. Then to tie in with the new identity/ logo I made a new banner.
Though I didn't really like this banner for I had to use two teeth to fill the space and also because the background is white it didn't fit in with the layout very well.
The banner I tried next was to just have the tooth by itself with the same coloured background as the blog so it looks like it's just there by itself, the minimalist look. Though you couldn't see the tooth very well so I put a rough white border around it though it still wasn't working as a blog banner. 
The final banner I came up with was the tooth with the writing underneath (which I changed from black to white so it's more legible) on the same colour background as the blog, which I think works perfectly. 

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