Sunday, 27 May 2012

Book Binding & Finished Book

Firstly to make the book  I trimmed all the pages so that they lined up with one another and then I sewed all the pages together adding on the title page and the hand made marbling paper end pages.
One difficulty with this was that I couldn't trim or sew the book like you normally would because of the fold out pages with the quadruples on, in the end though the book sewed together fine although they could have been a bit tighter though the quadruple sewed in fine. 
I then cut the screen printed calico to size to make the hard back front cover. I then measured the card that makes it hard back, about 1cm longer and 5mm wider than the bound pages and worked out by the thickness of the bound page the size of the spine. I then laid out the card on the backside of the cover to work out where I was going to glue them, I then rollered out a thin layer of PVA glue on the card and stuck them to the cover, the corners of the calico where then cut and the extra material was wrapped around the card, this needed to be done ultra quickly so that the glue didn't dry. I then put a thin layer of glue on the card and stuck the marbled paper to it, the book was then pressed under the weight of a pile of books. I was then done.

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