Sunday, 27 May 2012

Front cover

For the front cover I used the iconic image from page 6 but simplified it because I wanted to screen print the front cover so I just made the lady a soft silhouette of cream which I thought really worked because the ghost explorer is a harsh black silhouette.

For the font I wanted to have a quite hand drawing font which looks like it's been written with a quill and ink but still legible and the font I found worked perfectly for that though I was a tad worried about how it was going to come out when screen printed.

When mixing the ink colours for screen printing I realised the cream I wanted for the lady/aura was a tad too light for I wanted to make my front cover out of calico because it was close to material I used in the book binding day. So I made a more golden colour so that I still showed up when printed.

Unfortunately because the print was a three colour print the lining up wasn't perfect although the images themselves came out really clear, even the type which was good.

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