Sunday, 27 May 2012

Business Card

For the business card I wanted to use the new shark tooth identity. I came up with 'Thee Bazaar World of' from thinking about what sort of what it would be and bizarre was a good word to describe the sort of world I have made as Bench Allen but then I thought because of doing fairs and selling things off my own back that my world is like a market bazaar.
I liked the font I used in the Ghost Explorer and thought it would be perfect for this part of the logo.
I kept the 'Bench Allen' the same as i've used before because I like the bold hand drawn look of it and I think it still works with the font of 'Thee Bazaar World'. 
For the web address and email I wanted to have a clear clean legible font that is easily read even when small.
For the other side of the business card I wanted to show something that looked like a globe/world that in the mouth of a sea creature and with the shark's tooth on the other side I thought it made sense that it's a shark though when I did the illustration I did it A4 and when I put it on the business card dimensions it didn't fill the entire page so I put the same writing on this side as well though I did want to change it so that it was only the art work on this side. 

It was then given to me that I could turn the head slightly and increase the size and this would fill the business card more, though once this was done it looked like the shark was coming out of nothing so I put a line across the illustration to look like the surface of the sea and made it Palincest blue to hark back to that project, for that work will also be in my portfolio. 

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