Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Norns Card

I was thinking because the norns tell people their fates the card can be designed like tarot cards. I think this will also inkeep with them being old looking. When I say old looking I was thinking of making the image like a stain glass window effect like all the cards have in the image above.


  1. aww nice! if you want to go with something 'old' looking, consider why you want it too.

    would making it appear 'vintage' (ie antique) help convey your message, or would images that appear 'retro' (ie taking visual elements from something antique but with a contemporary twist) be an alternative option?

    these have eons of visual tradition, what bits and pieces of these make us immediately think 'its an old tarot card'?

  2. Hey I saw your tarot card idea and found this randomly whilst pointlessly looking for information for my cards but there is a table thingy that shows how the tarot card classifications can be applied to normal card suits thought it might be useful for you.