Thursday, 17 December 2009

Joker Day

Lord B. Wright has delivered...and delivered well.
The two mythical creatures which have been given to me are WARGS and THE NORNS.
For i've already done alot of research on Wargs, Norns will be me main focus.

The Norns are many female beings,  rulers of people's fate in Norse mythology.
The three main ones are the giantesses Urðr (Fate), Verðandi (Present/The Happening), and Skuld (Debt/Future).
Skuld is also mentioned to be a Valkyrie, a female who chooses who will die in battle, once they have the female then takes the chosen person to the Halls of the Slain, Valhalla. 
The three women are meant to stand at the Well of Urðr drawing water and sand from it, which they pour on to Yggdrasil so that it does not rot. The three giantessses come from the land of the giants, Jötunheimr.
Apart from the three there are other Norns, who arrive upon the birth of a person to decide his or her future. These Norns can be malevolent (causing all the tragic and bad events in this world) or benevolent (who are kind and protective).

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