Monday, 14 December 2009

Mythical Beasts

From Norse mythology, a warg is a huge wolf refering mainly to Fenrir and his two sons, Skoll (who is meant to chase the chariot which contians the sun every dawn) and Hati (who chases the moon personified). Once the two sons finally suceed in capturing and devouring their prey (the eclipse) then their father will rise and destroy Odin, chief principal god of the norse, which is a fudging large ending i would imagine. JRR Tolkien took this beast and used it as the basis for his own creatures by the same name whom the goblins (Warg riders) rode.

What is that lamp
which lights up men,
but flame engulfs it,
and wargs grasp after it always?

The answer to this question is THE SUN, but it relates back to Skoll always trying to catch it so that he may eat it.

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