Monday, 14 December 2009

Card Design

To change the conventional playing card symbols I have come up with four new symbols on the basis of the title "Tooth and Nail". This was chosen because I was thinking of why kings and queens of different suits were chosen and I came up with the fact that it must be to do with war and fighting over land etc and so "going at it tooth and nail" seemed appropriate. Also tooth and nail is very imaged based.

Though tooth and nail are only two items and i need four. Then i broke down the two words.
Nail can not only be what you bang into wood but a human nail, so with that i came up with THE BLACK CLAW and THE RUSTY NAIL. Then i broke down tooth, which is not only a human's tooth but a creatures fang, with that i came up with THE ROTTEN TOOTH and THE BLOODY FANG.

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