Monday, 24 October 2011

Workshop Seven - Hurricane Workshop

Ben Newman
This is a good mix of contemporary illustration and educational illustration. I also like that the sun has a face.

W. W. Denslow
Denslow was one of the original people to illustrate Oz and I really like the fact that he gives the characters more character by illustrating them in a certain way. 

For this workshop I was stuck with how I was going to make an educational poster with all the instructions and also connect in the Wizard of Oz. The idea I came up with was to make Toto the Dog into a sort of war hero-esk character whose gone through one Tornado before. To give him more of that american hero look I gave him an eye patch. With Toto as a 'mascot' I could have him tell people the instructions and tackle to brief that way. So I did some quick spot illustrations of some of the instructions, with Toto pointing at them with his paw. Whilst doing this I realised that most of the instructions were about what to do in your home and I thought how I could use this, so to connect not only with the Wizard of Oz but young children, in particularly young girls, I illustrated all the instructions within a dolls house. Also to make it even more interactive for children I made it like an old DIY tornado kit, the illustration will be able to stand up and they can use a hair dryer to stand in for a tornado.

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