Friday, 21 October 2011

Workshop Five - Matthew Robins

To begin with we were introduced to Matt and his show puppets which looked really cool and he showed us how simple and effective show puppets can be even if the puppet itself is a tad rough the shadow still looks good. We were given an extract of text by Vic Reeves (which is good knowing the sort of eccentric guy he is) about him as a young man and how a great boar caused havoc on a farm where him and his friend was. The group then had a small meeting about who's going to do what and it was decided that we each make a pig and another farm yard animal, because we had two OHPs (Main scene OHP and general farm OHP), as well as part of one of the main scenes. Using the reference images we were told to bring int, I personally made a wee piggy and a hedgehog and then the lassoing farmer. Once the characters were made I decided that we could use some green acetate and make a background for the farm to give it more character. We then performed our little piece in the lecture theatre before Matt's official talk about his work, for this I became Vic Reeves for a bit being the narrator of the story. 

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