Monday, 16 January 2012

Project 3 - Voyd Animation

Research -
Lord of the Rings 
This animated film of Lord of the Rings uses the animation technique of Rotoscoping which is the technique where animators trace over live-action film movement, frame by frame. This technique was perfect for making the animation for Voyd for the project is all film based and the animation was continuing on from a bit of film. 

The Mighty Boosh/ Noel Fielding

In terms of the future this probably where my life will take me in terms of Noel Fielding did his degree not in performance but in fine art and uses this skill within the show, may it be making posters, logos etc or within the animations which fit perfectly into the show with always a weird surreal edge, fielding actually saying that most of his influences for his work comes from artists like Dali, Warhol etc. A lot of people have also commented in the past about the sort of performance I and the rest of the Stonewall Toda team make is very much like that of 'the boosh'. 
Even though i have searched around for quite some time trying to look for the animation studio that creates the animations along side Fielding i have not been able to find it though my search will continue.

Monty Python

Another group of performers who do very similar work to what I'd like to do in the past is obviously 'Python' especially Terry Gilliam's work within the animation side, again like the boosh he is able to use the surreal comedy of the performances within the cut-out animations.

Matthew Robbins
I was told after we did this work shop that I should think about how I could use something like this in my performance based projects outside of college, so I thought this was an opportune moment to use this feedback, thus I wanted to make an animated shadow puppet for the Terus, a half bull half bear creature who is created by the shows villain, Alpha. I thought that a shadow puppet was also the best method to use because the show is a 'Film-Noir/ Cop show parody' therefore the use of shadows is a well known technique used in film-noir.

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