Monday, 16 January 2012

Project 2 - Grizzly Bear

'Grizzly Bear Thursday!

A new exciting adventure into drawing bears!

Submit your bear drawings (grizzly only please! non of those crumby panda types! paintings, sketches or even comic strips if you like) to and they will be added to the blog (with full credits and links if you put those in the email too) then......
...once a month I'll declare as GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY!'

Sandra Dieckmann

This was one of the winners of the Cheltenham Illustration Award 2011. This illustration gave me the idea of using the usual line work that I usually do in a different way, so I thought about how I could use it for a grizzly bear.

Planet Earth
After watching this episode I thought it would be interesting to use the pattern so that it looks like fishing wire to make it look like the bear is fishing and to make that more obvious I had a bit of the wire coming away from the bear and attached to a fishing hook. After making this illustration I wanted to expand it more so it looks like a more completed concept, so watching the video above again I thought it would look good if the bear was actually submerged in water with the salmon swimming around him. Using the followers illustration I'd made as inspiration, I re-illusrated the bear as if it had just jumped into the water  and all the salmon in a panic swimming by it. 

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