Thursday, 3 November 2011


In what ways have you selected and developed projects that were individually relevant?
If I thought after doing quick ideas that one idea was really strong/ clear then I continued on with that one. Because of the rapid nature of this project I felt these had to recognise quicker than usual.

How successfully have a full range of possible starting points been explored?
With the time given, an adequate amount of possible starting points were made including initial research to start each project, may this be artist research, reference and/or exploratory drawing.

What issues have had either a positive or negative effect on the realisation of your ideas?
Time - because it forced me to come up with an idea and work quickly thus producing alot of work in a short amount of time.
Research - because it has allowed me to see what other artists have done on a similar topic/theme.
Blog - Allowed me to easily catalog my thoughts, reflective journal, and research.

Time - because it meant that I couldn't complete as many workshops as I wanted compared to if each project was a full terms worth as in 1st and 2nd year.
Sketchbook - Still difficult to put together and makes me question myself in terms of 'is this meant to be this hard?'.

How have creative results been reviewed and evaluated?
In the sketchbook more note like and points and on a blog reflecting on the day, what we did and what I was trying to achieve.

What personal strengths have been identified or developed while completing this assignment?
I found that I can come up with ideas quite rapidly and be able to, if need, complete a brief in a day, which I think is quite important in the industry for we live in a increasingly more fast world where work can be produced and send in a millisecond. I think i've got used to using digital techniques to not only clean up my work but give it a professional finished look.

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